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Along with our Solid Modeling and CNC Programming services, we also offer detail Machine Drafting services. Professionally trained, with over 3 years of real world, on the job experience, we are equipped to produce high quality drawings that clearly and accurately convey your design ideas to those who will be transforming them into solid reality.

What makes us really stand out is our manufacturing experience. Producing drawings from a machinist’s point of view infuses a quality that can only come from someone that knows how the part will be made, what dimensions are important, what views would best show the features to be machined, and minimizes the costly confusion that so often permeates engineering documents.

Our drawings adhere to ANSI/ASME standards, and we will incorporate your company’s standards on the drawings as well. We will work with you to determine any critical fits or important dimensions, so that important relationships are clearly defined. In short, we want to produce drawings for you that define the part in the best way possible.


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