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    Thank you for your interest in G-Raj CNC Programming Services, located in Attleboro, Massachusetts! I take great pride in my level of service provided to my customers, helping them to develop and produce their projects in an efficient way so they can get an edge over their competition. Let me share some insight into my career history, so that you can understand why G-Raj CNC Programming Services is the right choice for you!

    I have been intimately involved in the manufacturing industry since 1984, when I was enrolled as a Machine Drafting student at Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School in Easton, MA. My teachers always stressed the importance of understanding the manufacturing process in order to produce designs that were fully functional, but also practical to manufacture. To this end, they arranged for the students in Machine Drafting to switch places with the students from Machine Shop, in order for us to get valuable 'hands on' training in an actual machine shop environment.

    Upon graduating third in my class, I continued with this philosophy, obtaining employment in a machine shop, rather than an engineering department. I started work in a small job shop, as a manual machine operator working on short to medium lathe and milling jobs. A couple of years later, I switched to another shop that had a broader range of equipment, including CNC VMC’s and lathes, as well as several progressive coining / stamping presses. This was a fairly small shop, which offered me maximum exposure to many different processes, and it also gave me my introduction to CNC programming and operation. I worked closely with very experienced toolmakers and machinists, and I always capitalized on opportunities to advance my education.

    After 5 years in the machine shop, I obtained employment as a precision plastic injection mold designer. Utilizing Unigraphics engineering software, I would design complete 3D wireframe molds, incorporating design details provided to me from our plastics engineers. I would then detail draft the entire mold; cores and cavities, side actions, auxiliary equipment, and each individual mold plate. I would work directly with our customers to aid them with their part design, helping them to produce parts that could be made more efficiently and reliably.

However, after 3 years of design and detailing, I realized that my real passion was in the art of physically transforming ideas into reality. I returned to the manufacturing world, working over the following years for small contract machine shops, gradually increasing my expertise and honing my skills as a machinist, as a programmer, and as a leader. I eventually became head milling machinist, responsible for the oversight and programming of several CNC milling machines and I would help in the lathe department as well, setting up and programming CNC lathes. Projects ranged from high production medical implants, to large one-off part production and prototype development.

I enjoyed the manufacturing environment I was in, but I missed the design aspect of my career. Then, in the winter of 2006, I was invited to take a position at a company that was developing a revolutionary new steam expander (www.mechanology.com, TIVM video 1, TIVM video 2). I was brought in as the “CNC Section Leader”, a position that allowed me to utilize all of my manufacturing skills, and also put me in a position where I had an active role in the design process (check this patent). It was here that I flourished as the liaison between engineering and manufacturing. I would use my experience to help guide our engineers towards producing more efficient designs. I would work out manufacturing processes that would reduce production time, therefore saving production costs. I would research tooling, machines, cutting methods, and whatever else came at us in order to get the project done. As a team, our motto was “we CAN do anything”. In the meantime, I became fluent in the use of SolidWorks 3D engineering software, as well as CamWorks CAM programming software.

Unfortunately, Mechanology fell victim to the poor economy, and closed its doors in the beginning of 2012. It was at this point that G-Raj CNC Programming Services materialized. Whether you need 3D CAD modeling, detail drafting services, manufacturing process development, or CNC programming, let me put my experience to work for you!

Thanks again for looking - I hope to hear from you soon!


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